Valentine’s Day

Hey guys, sorry this is a late post!

Happy Valentine’s Day!! The best bit ever in one of my fave chick flicks. Oh Heath..

Myself and my boyfriend don’t really do too much for Valentines, normally just stay in and cook dinner ourselves. We don’t need a day to celebrate our love (bleurgh… haha!). Anyways, still making it a lil bit special. My boyfriend made me dinner last year so this year its my turn to cook. And by cook I mean Dine in for Two from trusty M&S. You get a starter, main, side, dessert, wine and choccies so bf is getting spoiled. Also he has brought something to my attention..why do girls always get the chocolates and not guys?! Good point I tell ya. Don’t think I’ve ever gotten a clearer hint ha! What are you getting your partner?

So, Valentines and shopping kinda go hand in hand am I right girls?! Check out these beautiful undies from Reger by Janet Reger, available to purchase in Debenhams currently. I’ll upload my make up look later on!

What are you guys doing tonight? Are you heading out with friends, doing something with your significant other, or spoiling yourself? Or are you joining the masses and delighting your eyes with Mr Grey this weekend? Let me know!! Hope you enjoy whatever you’re doing! Mucho love xoxo



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